Digital marketing has been helping people establish their brands for years now. It has become a massive part of everybody’s lives ever since it came into existence. 

Brands, celebrities, websites, application developers seek digital marketing agencies in order to thrive and gain a market presence.

Also, during the coronavirus pandemic, digital marketing companies helped brands pave the way to the new normal. One such digital marketing agency and advertising hub that has played a vital role in marketing brands and keeping up with the latest trends is BrandBurp Digital. With the help of the latest technology, it has improved its market as well as a social media presence. 

Their online campaigns have helped brands gain recognition. BrandBurp Digital has undoubtedly played a vital role in revolutionizing the digital world.

A brief introduction of BrandBurp:

BrandBurp is a full-time digital marketing company and India’s first 360-degree Marketing Agency that uses an AI-powered platform to help businesses thrive. The company has been working on branding and promotion of startups, websites, mobile applications, and other companies since 2015.

Its team of175 experts comprise SEO page rankers, PR and outreach influences, marketers, content marketers, business managers, content writers, and social media executives.

With consistent good results, BrandBurp has become one of the top-most digital marketing companies in the world. This has resulted in steady growth and helped it sustain a good image in the market.

Role of BrandBurp in creating a market presence for your brand:

Being a digital marketing agency, BrandBurp creates a market presence of brands by endorsing them online.

Their team uses strategies to increase revenue, leads, and conversion through digital platforms. Be it garnering traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or promoting business with the help of Social Media Optimization (SMO), BrandBurp uses the best techniques to give an outstanding and world-class market presence at a cost-effective budget.

Challenges startups usually face: When it comes to startups, there are a lot of hurdles, which they face before acquiring a place in the market. The way they tackle and get through the hurdles decides whether they’d fail or succeed. Here are a few challenges most startups face.

–      Budget: The budget problem is something startup companies and entrepreneurs face all the time. Being new in the market, the funding is quite low, due to which they don’t usually focus on sales, marketing, and quality of content.

–      Branding and Promotion: In order to thrive, it is important to have a good market presence. Promotion is equally important as it helps your brand sustain itself in the market. However, most startups find it difficult to promote their brand because of which they fail.

–      Social Media Presence: Social media presence plays a vital role in the growth of a company, particularly in specific sectors. It connects the company to its target audience. Not having a social media presence can kill a startup, especially when it’s new. A lot of new startups get diminished because of the absence of their existence on social media.

–      Customers: Customers play one of the critical roles in making a business successful. For a startup company to acquire customers and retain them is quite difficult as the company is new and it doesn’t have a secure market image.

Strategies BrandBurp uses to overcome these challenge and promotion and branding of brands:

BrandBurp uses the best tools and strategies when it comes to branding and promoting. The company offers several services and solutions to overcome difficult situations. From SEO to SMO, web marketing to content marketing, ASO and app marketing to PR and influencer outreach and portfolio and product management to Pay Per Click (PPC), BrandBurp provides all digital marketing facilities to its clients. The skilled team puts their all into completing the projects. This is the reason why 50% of its clients are repetitive.

–      Improves ROI

–      Increases conversions and leads

–      Delivers excellent client support

–      Provides cost-effective services

–      Gives results above expectations

Tools and software BrandBurp uses to increase Conversions, Leads, and ROI

–      Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

–      Hootsuite

–      Appbot

–      Google Ads

–      Airpush

–      Apple Analytics Tool

–      App Annie

–      App Radar

Industries BrandBurp is helping to thrive:

BrandBurp is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies globally, which has leveraged over 2000 brands. The experts have strategically boosted their revenue. BrandBurp’s strong presence in the world has helped in generating over 3Billion USD ROI and 1000 leads globally.

The company deals with multiple brands from various sectors, including healthcare, industry solutions, tourism, small business, e-commerce, restaurants, legal representative, colleges & universities, and startups.

Some of the brands that have been benefited from BrandBurp’s branding and promotion are Blemil Plus, Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola Laureate University, and Supreme.

How various sectors have been benefited:

Over 250 mobile applications associated with BrandBurp have attained the number 1 position on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Besides, 2000 websites have been felicitated with Webby Awards.

The company also offers customized solutions to brands, be it startups, agencies, or enterprises.


BrandBurp has provided services to more than 265 startups across the globe. Their partnership with the company has helped them increase their business by 200%.


Over 150 agencies have been catered to by BrandBurp’s approach towards branding and promotion. The professionals have helped in increasing the leads, ROI, and conversions.


Not only startups or agencies but more than 100 enterprises have also received positive results after being associated with BrandBurp.

What are the target locations BrandBurp covers in their services?

BrandBurp offers services to clients from across the world. However, its targeted locations are India, the USA, UK, UAE, and India.

BrandBurp’s approach during the coronavirus pandemic:

Even though the year 2020 was a year of turbulence and distress but it has changed the way of functioning. Now, instead of seeking marketers, brands are hiring digital marketing companies for promotion and branding. BrandBurp left no stone in providing its clients with the best services. Even though workplaces were shifted, the experts managed to handle everything perfectly.