Hello to the souls who are in the never-ending race of the digital world!

Chewing the same gum of strategy, relying on pushy ways, doesn’t make sense.

Gone are those days when the banner of 15% off used to entice people. In the era, unless a business is offering something unconventional, there are little to no chances of growth.

But wait! What about those who are running their businesses smartly, yet selling the products that others’ are selling for the less price. Is there any magic trick or short route to success?

The answer is, “Yes.” There is a sure magic trick that always works; we call it “engagement.” How perfectly you engage with your customers.

If you are thinking that you have been using the wrong strategy of growing your business, it’s never too late to welcome a new dawn.

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.”William Durant, co-founder, General Motors

Before reading this blog, make sure that you take a pledge, “I’ll never find short cuts of growth.” Stick to the approach of sustainability, because this is how you go to places.

Just hop-in our vehicle of perfect tips that will take you to the zone of success.

You need an active network, not a colossal one

This digitized century no more relies on offline networking only. The answer to your question “how to grow your small business” lies in building an effective network.

The best platform that gives you a head start, in this case, is “LinkedIn.” Unlike other platforms where you can become friends with anyone, LinkedIn opens the doors to strategic relationships.

More or less, there are around 65 million business professionals on LinkedIn. Since the decision-making authorities are there on LinkedIn, why should you wait further? You can make connections there, introduce your business to people, and can get massive opportunities.

Later on, you can take these virtual connections to the offline networking world, where you can exchange the word and crack a great business deal.

Pro tip: Make your LinkedIn account, give proper information about your business. Send invites to the people who belong to your industry and voila! You are just a message away from closing a business deal. This tip works best for B2B businesses.

Take help of buyer person to know your customers

From customer acquisition, conversion to retention, every single thing whirls around a buyer persona.

Imagine if somebody comes to you and asks to purchase some handmade crafts. Would you buy it? A little percentage of people will agree while others will give a “Sorry” for the answer.

You must be thinking that I am trying to connect north and south poles here where there is no connection. Let your neurons be at ease; put yourself in a customer’s shoes and understand why would they be interested in your offering if they have no interest in buying that particular product?

This surely have shaken you a bit. Well, the knife of wrong-targeting hurts badly. Here buyer persona comes to rescue you, and you leave all those ballpark guesses and your third-eye (wink wink.)

A buyer persona helps you understand your audience in a better way, yet let you plan your content marketing strategy. The more detailed your buyer persona is, the easier it will be to target the right audience.

Pro tip: Don’t spend recklessly on marketing your product without knowing your audience. Make a buyer persona and target the right people who will be interested in your product.

Your competitor is Your Friend in Disguise.”

Little do you know, your competitor is your friend. Don’t take it literally; try to read between the lines.

Ever wondered why your competitor is doing great in business, and you are not?

Now, please don’t say that it’s due to a massive investment. Your competitor must be doing something that entices the audience. It is crucial for you to understand how your competitor is doing things.

It’s more like, from time to time, you have to take inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and do the detective work.

Oh, wait! You can’t miss reading this golden catch here. Go to the reviews section of their social media pages; there must be annoyed customers who have bashed them. Here you have to play smartly and assess where your competitor is lacking. Just take that point and hit the nail on the head!

Pro tips: Don’t become a copycat but an analyzer. Analyze the competitor, their offering, and where they are lacking. Just find their weaknesses and come up in the market as a problem-solver.

Become “Google’s Apple of the Eye”

Crazy it may sound, but it is the real thing!

From booking cabs to ordering food, from booking a salon appointment to booking a consultation with a doctor, everything is being done online.

What a nightmare it would be if your customers search for a particular product or service and phew! You are nowhere in the search results. Even if you are there, your position is almost negligible since you fail to make it to the first page of the search results.

To convert your small business into a substantial business, instead of relying on PPC 24×7, move towards shining bright on the first page of search results. Businesses that appear on the first page of search results are considered more trustworthy.

The call is yours now; you want to get lost in the sea of forgotten business, or you want to take the help of SEO and become Google’s apple of the eye.

Pro tip: Make search engines happy; they will do your advocacy. Take the help of SEO experts and keep the leads coming!

Final Takeaway

In your entrepreneurial journey, keep your eyes on those models that lead you to long-term growth. You have to show a little patience and continuous smart work to rule the digital clan.

Take one thing at a time, don’t rush. As you know, “slow and steady win the race.”