“I am a money magnet; I attract money.”

“Abundance is all I can see everywhere. I am rich!”

Hey, you sleepy sloth! Get up and move.

Saying affirmations or relying on subliminal videos isn’t going to work in 2020. Remember that passive income ideas don’t follow you blindly. You need to work for it.

No offense, Clairvoyants! I’m not attacking you here but sharing things on practical ground.

You must be thinking that I am a diehard fan of Mark Manson, well, yes! I am.

See what he has said:

“This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes.”

― Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

If you think that this post is ALL ROSES, PLEASE STOP!

If you want to make money without putting in extra work, then “You are in a big trouble Mister!”

Today, in this blog, I will squeeze your free-earning thinking and will talk about practical ideas. If you have a plan to get passive income, then keep reading else don’t read it.

  • Affiliate boat is all set to have you aboard

Be your boss; convert your passive income into an active one!

Do you share a deep love for recommending products? Have you got some writing skills?

If yes, then without any further ado, get into the boat of affiliate marketing. There is a tremendous number of affiliate programs available, join one that gels well with you.

The most popular program that can be your golden snitch, too, is Amazon’s affiliate program.

Talk about the affiliates program; the sky is the limit. If Amazon is something you don’t want to go for, then join others such as Etsy Affiliates, eBay Partner Network, Nordstrom etc.

The golden catch: I am sharing a blog that will help you in gaining more knowledge about the topic. Do read Affiliate Marketing in 2020: FREE Guide for Beginners.

  • YouTube – Your ultimate destination for passive income

“PewDiePie, you have already gained immense appreciation! Too bad, there is no room for me on YouTube.”

Oh, you poor soul! The world doesn’t end here. So wake up, give a lively smile, pick up the topic, and start making videos.

You heard that, right! If you have something fun or innovative to share, why not make some money out of it?

According to Walkersand.com, YouTube has been declared as the second largest search engine. So do some work and keep making money from that for years.

Follow this road:

  • Pick up a topic
  • Write a script
  • Start making videos
  • Share it on social media platforms

The golden catch: Now, you don’t have to have something serious to talk about. People are mostly looking for fun videos on YouTube (especially I do) so why not make one? (Wink Wink)

  • Dropshipping – The buzzword

You feel like to sell your soul to Google when your dropshipping business starts producing results.

Dropshipping The Buzzword

Not kidding here! I have personally seen my friends making money from their dropshipping stores. Again, it is something in which you have to put in work.

The whole principle of dropshipping works something like this:

You choose the manufacturer → You make a store on Shopify or another platform → Visitor comes to your website and places an order → The system sends the order to the manufacturer → The manufacturer ships the product to the shopper.

Was it something rocket science?

No right?

So, instead of waiting, start your dropshipping business. You never know where your efforts may take you.

The golden catch: The best part amid all is, neither have you to worry about having a warehouse nor you are compelled to have an inventory. You get a certain percentage for every product sold.

  • Ola to Freelancing!

Sigh! I have a personal attachment to this tip. I remember the days when freelancing was the only rope that held me tight.

Freelancing Platforms

Since I share a deep love for words, I became a freelance writer, and my journey started from there. Take notes: I have earned quite a good amount from multiple freelance platforms like Upwork, Truelancer, Guru, etc.

If you too want to start your freelance journey: do these things

  • Pick up a niche that best suits your interest.
  • Make your account on different freelancer platforms, including Upwork, Truelancer, Freelancer, and Guru.
  • Make sure your profile runs parallel to perfection.
  • Search for the available jobs and start bidding.

Here, you have to remember two things. I am quoting my own experience:

“You need to be patient and consistent.”

Golden Catch: Maybe you land your first job within a week, or maybe it will take some time. But don’t lose hope. “Let your faith, efforts, and determination be higher than your doubts.”

  • You can publish a book

“Please, please, please!  Publish my book.”

You save yourself from making a request again and again when you opt for self-publishing.

Probably you think that “Oh guy! It’s loads of work.”

To your surprise, it is not. You have to write a book that has the maximum chances of success. Don’t worry about the publishing part, as Amazon will suffice.

Amazon’s self-publishing door is always open for you. However, they have a set of guidelines for the format of the book. Make sure that it runs parallel to the given instructions else Amazon won’t publish it.

Once you publish a book, you open the door to earning. As soon as someone downloads your e-book, you get the Author royalties from Amazon.

The golden catch: So choose a topic, start writing a book. Once you are done with the proofreading part, work on the formatting. Now, go to Amazon’s website and publish your e-book.

Partying thoughts:

“You need to work to make things work for you.”

Ask Alexa, she will say the same (wink wink)

I hope this blog served as an eye-opener, and now you will do something about the real cash injections. In the beginning, things may seem a bit challenging but once you are on the road, commit to yourself that you won’t take any U-turn.

If you have an idea to share, I’d love to listen. Comment below and let’s discuss.