Little fella: Hooman, I have made a meme to make you laugh

Hooman: I’d love to see that.

Little fella: Here you go!

podcasting meme

I just tried to add a pinch of humor to your boring quarantine-life.

you are a podcast rockstar

So yes, you are a ROCKSTAR, and you know it!

P.S: Ignore my little fella. He talks non-sense sometimes.

This quarantine life has taught me one thing: there is more to the world than spreading peanut butter on my bread.

Do you know, according to, there are around 90 million listeners in the U.S alone?

And there I was busy in binge-eating, wondering what to watch on Netflix…

Right after seeing the stats, I got back to work, and here I am with the compilation of how a podcast can help your business grow.

Podcasting for business is a sheer brilliant idea, but why?

I’d say that podcast is the reincarnation of radio. Be it baby boomers, Millennials, or Gen Z – they all love it. Let’s see why you should opt for it?

  1. A personal touch

Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love unfiltered conversations, especially when it comes from a brand. Podcasts give you a chance to create an immediate connection with your target audience.

See, what you put on your social media in the form of words, your audience can only read that. Speaking directly to your customers allows you to build a more personal connection.

It doesn’t matter if your podcast possesses a general outline. All that matters is your voice. In the digital world, where so many things are being done with the help of bots, people like me crave for that personal touch.

This reminds of one saying of Gary Vee, “People stop when they see people.” I can slightly change it to “People stop when they hear people.”

I feel, SEPHORA – much-loved cosmetics brand understands the need for human touch pretty well. It started a podcast #LIPSTORIES to build up that personal connection with the audience.

LIPSTORIES podcasting

  1. Podcasts are not confined by the word limit

I’m sure if I write a blog post of 5,000 words, you people will sleep right where you are sitting. If I present the same info in the form of a podcast, you’ll stop and listen because there will be no mind and eye work involved.

Makes sense, right?

Similarly, when you want to dig deeper, when you intend to convey information that other content formats can’t handle, podcasts always work.

Suppose that you are up for a new product launch, and you want to be really detailed with what is there in the product. Here short-form content can’t help you, especially when you want to convey the whole story since the inception of the idea. In such a case, podcast suffices.

Neither you are time-constrained nor are you in the dungeon of the word limit, you are free as a bird and can convey as much info as you want.

Startup Hustle

This is the podcast by Matt DeCoursey & Matt Watson. If you see the duration, each session is not less than 40 mins at least. Well, I gleefully can listen to 60 mins podcast rather than reading a long-form content of the same duration.

P.S: Startup Hustle conveys some excellent info for budding entrepreneurs. You, too, can give it a shot!

  1. Podcasts help you attract new audience yet strengthens the community

There is just one success mantra: When you are audible, you are heard.

As I have mentioned some serious stats before, you can’t take it as a joke. People love to hear podcasts. That being said, there is an open ground for you to build and strengthen a community.

A person may not read what you put on your social media or your blog but is most likely listen to what you have to say.

I know that there are so many people not fond of reading. Here you have the chance to attract them via your voice. In the digital landscape, you have an opportunity to be found by those who are not your customers right now but are the potential ones.

Podcasting libraries give you a chance to be found. But yes, you have to put in work, you have to be consistent with your podcast. When people start looking up to your podcasts, they wait for the new episodes, trust me, you have earned a victory badge.

Your community is your biggest strength. If they can invest time in your podcast, buying from you won’t be a biggy for them.

  1. Podcasts are the money-magnets

If the affirmation “I am a money magnet” never worked for you, a podcast can!

In this era, push strategies don’t make sense at all. To sell your product/service, you have to tell people, “Oh, yeah, I have substance.”

The podcast works like a money-magnet for you. When you are audible, you don’t sell, but educate. People come running back to you when they see that the person has got immense knowledge about the subject.

If you don’t, believe me, you will believe Ken Greene. He started a podcast, “Engineer of Finance.”

Engineer of Finance by Ken Greene

Even the podcast didn’t hit the 20 episode mark; he started getting queries from new clients. See, what Ken has said:

“It might be one of the best things I’ve done marketing-wise.” -Ken

I recently came across a podcast by Blake Emal, “The Micro influencer Podcast.” In one of his podcasts, he discussed, “Content Marketing that Leads to Paid Gigs.” The guest “Jason Vana” brilliantly described the idea of giving knowledge for free and charging for your time.

Well, you have to give something to your community if you want them to come to you.

  1. Podcast gels well with your busy schedule

If you compare it with other content formats:

A blog post: You have to research, collect material, take experts’ advice, analyze, and write.

Video: You need proper setup, lighting, dress, audio/video equipment, and what not!

Podcast: You just need audio equipment and have to show up on time. Viola!

Now, you see how easily a podcast gels well with your busy schedule. But yeah, if you have a Pandora box of excuses, then I’m sorry. Nothing can save you.

  1. A podcast doesn’t burden your pocket – A sharp marketing tactic

You can call it your go-to marketing tactic. When you don’t have a good sum of money to invest in your marketing, podcast helps you.

All you need to do is to buy a mic. And yes! That’s your total cost. If you are editing a podcast all by yourself, good for you, mate, as you don’t have to bear the editing cost. However, if you are not editing it and hiring someone’s services, trust me, it’s still a lucrative deal.

Done with the benefits of a Podcasting for Business?

I am sure; you are convinced by now, “You have to start one.” But… a lot of you people don’t know how to start it? I’ll explain it.

How to start a podcast for free?

The easiest way to start a podcast for free is:

  • Download an app “Anchor.” It is available on Android and iOS.
  • You will see the tool within the app. Tap any tool in order to add audio to your podcast episode.
  • Give it a nice caption and add a segment to your podcast.
  • When you are done adding all the segments, give your podcast a name and let the world hear you.

P.S: I have stated some really basic features of this app. There is more to it.


Ask me one more reason to start a podcast… I’ll show you these stats


The study was conducted in late March 2020, according to which Gen Z stands atop the list of those who listen to the podcast more due to the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Isn’t it enough to open your eyes?

Final Takeaway

I’m sure many of you must be having an adrenaline rush. You just want to start a podcast right now. I can feel that excitement. But wait!

  • Did you even think of the topic?
  • Do you know what your audience wants to hear?
  • Do you have the needed gears?

So, step back and first plan. You need to have a roadmap for 10 episodes, at least. Else you’ll feel paralyzed right after one episode. Research, plan for it, and then start.

If podcasts have worked for many, they can work for you too.

I wish you good luck!