In the chaotic situation, where countries have imposed “lockdown,” people are killing their CORONAXIETY with a light weapon of memes.

Talk of which, I came across many comical gems that served as a mocktail for killing my anxiety. But guess what? My neurons said, “Get back to work, lady.”

I am aware of the fact that this situation isn’t allowing people to work at a greater pace. However, we all can take little steps to fight against the odds.

The virus has compelled businesses to shift to the “remote working” concept. Many were there already, but the shift is quite challenging for those who never tried it once.

If you see a positive side of the situation, you are molding yourself to adopt new changes. And of course, “Change is good.”

As they say, “Expert advice matters!” To help startups and businesses, I reached out to the experts and got their opinion on remote working apps. This is a specialized post that will help you know about which ones are the best.

Without any further ado, let’s discover the best remote working apps & tools and see what experts have shared with All Startup Things.



I name it my personal favorite! Well, keeping biases aside, this amazing remote working app has gathered immense appreciation from people. Hear it from an expert now…

Expert Opinion

I reached out to Antoni Tzavelas, who is a technical instructor at Slalom Consulting, teaching people how to use Amazon Web Services and other cloud technologies. I asked him about the remote working app he prefers, Antoni replied:

“Zoom, of course!! It has such incredible features and is much more than an online video conferencing tool. I’m able to do chat rooms, raise hand, yes/no, polling, whiteboard capability, screen sharing. Such a big list! I’ve been using it all week.”

Undoubtedly, Zoom is a perfect communication tool for businesses offering:

  • One to one calls
  • The option of video conference
  • Offers you a smooth exchange of messages
  • It allows you to host webinars

Pricing: If you have a small team, the free version will suffice. Talk about paid versions; you have to pay a monthly fee as per the plan you choose. The membership plans look something like this:

zoom pricing

Another Expert Opinion who uses Zoom

When I asked “Brendan Rogers” about the remote working app he prefers, his answer summed up the convo.

“I use Zoom for all of my remote work!”

A bit about Brendan Rogers: He is currently the Founder & Managing Partner of 2 a.m. [Ventures x Talent]. 2.a.m. is a pre-seed, industry-agnostic micro fund investing in ambitious founders from all over the world, as well as placing 10x talent in early-stage, high growth startups.

Previously, Brendan Co-Founded Wag! The mobile dog walking app.

There is one more suggestion from Ryan Conlan, MSc student in Digital Marketing Strategy.

“I use Loom for screen recordings and zoom for meetings.”


If you want to avoid irrelevant notifications, this must be your go-to app. Slack is perfect for businesses as it provides an ideal ground for communication. The reason being, it organizes your conversation into different channels.

You can make separate conversation channels for your team. The team members are allowed to join and leave different channels. Focusing on one functionality of Slack won’t be justified; there is more to this app.

Expert Opinion

When I asked Syed Raza Hassan about the app he prefers for remote working, he replied:

“I use slack. It is great; it is friendly, easy to use, and easily learned by employees.”

A bit about Syed Raza Hassan: He is Group Managing Director Zahid Group & Highland Country Club and Resorts. He is also serving as Independent Director at the Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade.

slack remote working app

Why should it be your choice?

  • You can set reminders on the slackbot, and it will remind you of the task you set.
  • It allows you to have a video call with up to 5 people.
  • For note-taking, Slack offers you useful bots.
  • It offers the feature of live communication
  • The option of sharing the screen with other fellows make it impeccable.
  • It has a project-friendly structure that streamlines your day to day operations.

Pricing: You can opt for the “FREE VERSION” of Slack that offers you basic features. It comes with 10k searchable messages, allows integration of 10 apps, two-factor authentication, 1 to 1 video calls, and a lot more. Nevertheless, if you have a big team, you can opt for the premium membership plans that include Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid.

Slack pricing

Expert Opinion

I asked Ryan Sprance, his take on the remote working apps. To which he replied:

We use Zoom, Slack, and Monday. I’ve got 11 employees in 3 counties, and it helps keep track of all our tasks and communicate frequently.

A bit about Ryan Sprance: He is the Founder & Chief Strategist of Kaihatsu Media and Co-founder & Managing Partner at Awestuck. He is a writer/contributor for Forbes and Business Journals and a member of the Board of Directors for Fan4Kids and the Gift of Adoption Fund. Ryan Sprance has been featured in dozens of publications and hailed as a digital media expert.


If you are open to company-wide social networks and aren’t in search of a project management tool, then Yammer sounds like a good deal.

Yammer Remote Working App

You can participate in discussions, brainstorm ideas, collaborate, share files, and much more.  Unlike project management platforms, Yammer allows you to communicate freely.

If you have a domain email address, Yammer is free for you. Sign up for it and take hold of your private and group conversations.

When I reached out to Turan Sadigi – Group Human Resources and Communication Director, SEMITECHGROUP, to ask her preference when it comes to remote working apps, she replied:

“We are 3M employees in whole GROUP, and Yammer messaging service is an easy way to message large groups and quickly post team updates.”

For doc share, we use Google Drive. It is the easiest way. With Google Drive, we can share and upload files, collaborate on documents, and “star” the important folders or files we need quick access to.”

What does it offer you?

  • It works as an enterprise microblogging app
  • The tool has a high level of security
  • You can share files, links, and images
  • It opens the room to a collaborative workspace
  • It allows you the option of tagging
  • You can join public or private groups or can create one.

There is more to this app; you need to explore it.

Google docs

What if I name it “the jack of all trades?” After all, the tool does more than one can imagine. The smart editing and styling tools give you ample room to format your paragraphs.

It comes with a good number of templates that make your life a lot easier. No matter what part of the world you are, you can access it anytime, anywhere, and edit your documents as per your wish.

Since it allows the team to work on the same document, the risk of “noise in communication” totally disappears from the list.

Google Docs

What does it offer you?

  • You can edit your documents in real-time
  • You are allowed to share it with your team
  • You are entirely in control of who can edit the document
  • You can share the documents with anyone
  • The already present templates minimize your work
  • Amid all, you don’t have to hit the “save” button every again

Expert Opinion

When I reached out to Jorge Sciupac and asked his opinion on the subject, he replied:

“Remote working apps I use? Zoom, Gmail, GDocs, Slack, and WhatsApp.”

A bit about Jorge Scipupac: Based in Los Angeles since 1979, Jorge Sciupac has been called “The Partnering Architect.” As an international author, speaker, coach, and group facilitator, he has used unique Marketing, Management, and Mentoring methods to help many well-known world-class organizations like The J.P. Getty Trust, Callison, VTBS, Timberlake, EEK, MCG, and other for-profits and nonprofits.


Hello to Trello! With Trello in your pocket, you never have to worry about missing deadlines. It’s a great app that streamlines your tasks, makes the collaboration easier, and helps you remember every single detail.

The app comes with pretty juicy features. When you open it up, you see different boards. You can create separate boards for people and assign them tasks there. You can add comments, attach pictures, due dates, and what not!

Trello remote working app

The board looks something like what is there in the picture.

What does it offer?

  • Easily manageable boards
  • It lets you assign the tasks smoothly
  • It minimizes the confusion and enables you to streamline task and track progress

The free version is good for you if you are running a small team. It allows you to have a specific number of boards. However, to access its full potential, you need to check for the paid option.

Trello pricing

I’d personally suggest if you have a small team, give it a try.

Summing up

It all comes down to the same knot! Try and see what works best for you. But before that, take experts recommendations into account.

The apps and tools I have shared with you will give you the sigh of relief in terms of getting work done faster.

The primary advantages of remote working apps and tools include:

  • Efficient work management
  • Reduced stress
  • Meeting the deadlines
  • Time savior

To unlock more edges, you first need to convince yourself that working remotely is as fine as working in the physical space. Once you approve of the new way you adapt to change, you’ll feel better about your work and calm down the skyrocketing amygdala.

Do you want to add more to what I’ve shared? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Comment below and help me learn more.